Dot Watch Manual


[What is the Dot Watch]

The Dot Watch is a smart watch that connects to the user's smartphone via the Dot Watch App and outputs all information in braille. Although the Dot Watch can be operated as a standalone analog watch, the Dot Watch App and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection is recommended.

[Name and Part Functions]

Dot Watch display: This is the main body of the Dot Watch that includes the Dot watch dial. The Dot Watch display is composed of four cells: two on the right and two and the left. 

Touch Sensors: Located below the second and third cells, the touch sensors can be used to scroll back and forth (left and right).

Dot Crown: Located on the right side of the Dot Watch body, the Dot Crown is the center button that can be twisted clockwise (in the direction of the select button) or counterclockwise (in the direction of the home button).

Select Button: On the right side of the Dot Watch body, the select button is located on the top with respect to the Dot Crown. Press once to select or operate different functions in the Dot Watch.

Home Button: On the right side of the Dot Watch body, the home button is located below the Dot Crown. Press once to go to standby status. All the cells are down but all buttons function in standby status. Similarly, in sleep mode, all the cells are down. However, the Dot Crown does not function and users must press any button to exit sleep mode. 

How to Wear the Dot Watch

Put the band around your wrist, and adjust it by tightening it to a comfortable level. If the band slips out from the metal loop, put the magnetic end of the band through the loop and adjust to fit. Be warned that pulling on the band with excessive strength may separate the band from the watch and/or cause damage to the band itself.

Power and Battery

[Powering on/off]

    1) Power On

Press and hold the "Home Button" for 3 seconds to turn on the device. The device will vibrate, and all the braille cells will come up for 3 seconds, and then go down.

    2) Power Off

Press and hold the "Home Button" for 3 seconds while powered on. The device will turn off after a vibration.

[How to Charge] The battery should be fully charged before using the device for the first time. Charge the battery using the magnetic charging cradle (charger) supplied with the device for optimal charging. Personal computer or USB adapter can also be used to charge the battery.

First, check the position of the metallic charging terminal on the back of the device and on the charger. This is outlined by a small indentation on the back panel of the Dot Watch. Then, face the charging terminal of the charger in exact alignment with the charging terminal of the device, which will be protruding slightly from the flat cradle face. The charger has a built-in magnet that assists with the positioning of the device when charging. Afterwards, connect the charger to an applicable USB terminal. Unless fully discharged, the device will vibrate when it starts charging. If your Dot Watch is fully discharged, it is recommended that you charge for at least 30 minutes before you use it. While charging, the Dot Watch will not enter sleep mode. When you connect the device to the charger, the device will vibrate twice -- once long and once short. The device will display the remaining battery life. Once the battery is fully charged, the device will vibrate and return to sleep mode.

In the case of the magnetic mesh band, the charger and the band may stick to each other, and may prevent proper charging. Check for alerts (vibration and cell movements) when you start charging. 

[Battery Life]

    1) Checking for Battery Life

Turn the crown clockwise once to check the remaining battery level. In Braille mode, the number will appear in tens without the percentage sign. 

E.g. 10%: [dots 3,4,5,6 / dot 1 / dots 2,4,5]

In Tactile Mode, the remaining battery level is indicated by the number of dots, increasing by each line from the left.

E.g. 50%: [dots 1,2,3,4,5,6 / dots 1,2,3,4,5,6 / dots 3,6 / dots 3,6]

    2) Low Battery Warning

When the Dot Watch battery level is 20% and 10%, there will be an alert message with three continuous vibrations. Charge your Dot Watch when you get the low battery warning. 

[Sleep Mode] If there is no operation for 60 seconds, all cells are automatically kept inside the display as the device enters sleep mode to optimize battery life. 

When in sleep mode, the Dot Crown operation is deactivated. To re-activate, press either button. The watch automatically re-activates when a button is pressed, receives alarms, notifications, or warnings. The default "standby time" is set to 60 seconds.