Dot Watch Manual

My Watch

[Start Pairing] Press the start pairing button to search for connectable devices. From the list of devices, please select Dot Watch XXXX to connect your Dot Watch to your mobile device. 

[Battery Level] When your smartphone is connected to your Dot Watch, the app will display the remaining battery level of your Dot Watch.


[Alarm] You may set up to 10 alarms and vibrations will go off at the set time.

[Hourly Alert] Default settings do not have hour alerts enabled. If you would like to receive hourly alerts on your Dot Watch, please enable this feature.


[Saved Messages] You can check messages that you have saved from the Dot Watch. The order of information is as follows: app name, sender, content, timestamp.

[Study Braille]

    1) Numbers

You can check the numbers on your Dot Watch in braille. The selected number will appear on the Dot Watch.

E.g. If user selects 5, the device will display the number sign and five in braille. [dots 3,4,5,6 / dots 1,5]

If 0-9 is selected, the braille numbers 0-9 will chronologically appear on the device. 

    2) Alphabet

Write down each alphabet character and check capital letters and lowercase letters on the Dot Watch.

E.g. If the user types the alphabet F, the device will display the capital letter sign and f in braille. [dot 6/ dots 1,2,4]

If a-z is selected, the braille alphabets a-z will appear on the device in alphabetical order.

    3) Playground

Write down any desired content and the input will be displayed on the device in braille. You can read long texts by scrolling using the touch sensors.

[Memo] In memo, write down anything you would like to keep and check the memo at any time on your app or on your device. Read through information by scrolling using the touch sensors. You can save up to 10 memos. Each memo is limited to 240 characters.

[Find My Dot Watch] Through the app, you can locate your Dot Watch. To do this, press the "Find my Dot Watch" button, and your device will vibrate for 5 minutes. On the Dot Watch screen, "find" [dots 1,2,4 / dots 2,4 / dots 1,3,4,5 / dots 1,4,5] will appear. If no action is taken during that 5 minutes, the device will stop vibrating. 


[My Device]

    1) Output Settings

  • Auto-Scroll Speed: set the movement speed of auto-scrolled cells 
  • Vibration Intensity: set the intensity of vibrations that occur when receiving notifications, incoming calls, etc.
  • Standby Time: set the user-specific time before entering sleep mode
  • Number of Cells Auto-Scrolled: customize the number of cells that are auto-scrolled to your preference. You can choose from 1 to 4 cells. 

    2) Display Settings

  • Watch Mode: in Braille Mode, all information is displayed in braille; in Tactile Mode, users can count the number of pins and feel the shape of the pins for different features.
  • Date Display Order: switch the order of months and days. 

            E.g. December 24th will become 24th December, and vice versa.

  • Hour Mode: default is the 12-hour mode with AM and PM indication. You can also switch to 24-hour mode.
  • Reverse Mode: for users who would like to wear the Dot Watch on their right hand, Reverse Mode reverses the position of the select and home buttons, as well as the roles of the touch sensors.

    3) Notification Settings

Set whether to accept notifications such as calls and messages from your mobile device. You can receive selected notifications from your mobile device by selecting either calls or messages, or both. You can also choose not to receive notifications at all by turning off notifications entirely.

(For Android users, app-specific notifications can be set.)

    4) Language Settings

Users can set the desired language (if supported) to receive information such as notifications, memo, etc. This may take up to 5 minutes. When selecting a language, users can select the rules and braille grade as well.

    5) Firmware Update (Current Version)

You can find information regarding the current version of your firmware along with the latest version. If your firmware is not up to date, you may update your firmware to a newer version here.

    6) Watch Information

Check general information about your smartphone and application such as device type, serial number, firmware, protocol, application, and OS version.

    7) Unpair

If you would like to use the Dot Watch standalone, unpair your Dot Watch. Please note that all data will be reset. For iOS users, complete unpairing by clicking on "forget this device" on your mobile settings.


    1) Contact Dot Mate -- this service is only available in Korea

    2) Contact Us

Let us know any inquiries via email (

    3) User Guide

Get more information on how to use the Dot Watch.

    4) Tutorial

Go to through the tutorial to understand the basic functions of the Dot Watch.

    5) Policies

You can check different terms and conditions, privacy policy, diagnostics and usage data, open source licenses.