Dot Watch Manual

Downloading the Dot Watch App

[Downloading the Dot Watch App]

You can install our Dot Watch App on your smartphone by searching “Dot Watch” on iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You can use the Dot Watch as a standalone watch without having it paired with your smartphone; however, pairing the Dot Watch via Dot Watch App and BLE is recommended to fully enjoy all the functions and features.

Pairing via Bluetooth

1) Turn on the Bluetooth in your smartphone settings. Then, press and hold the “Home Button” of the Dot Watch to turn it on.

2) Run the Dot Watch App, choose “Start Pairing”, and search for the device under “Select your Dot Watch”. “Dot Watch DW-01,” and the last 4 digits of the product serial number will appear on the list, and selecting it will pair your Dot Watch to your smartphone.

3) Once connected, the device will display the braille output as described below:

Braille Mode: “conn” [dots 1,4/ dots 1,3,5/ dots 1,3,4,5/ dots 1,3,4,5] (⠉⠕⠝⠝) / Tactile Mode: (⠗⠒⠒⠺)

4) Even if the Bluetooth connection may be disconnected, the time and date will still be displayed on the device as synchronized with the smartphone.

*Repeat the procedures above if the connection fails. If the problem persists, please contact us through the official Dot Website at for assistance.

Unpairing the Bluetooth Connection

From the Dot Watch App on your smartphone, go to “Dot Watch”. Choose “Unpair”, and select “Yes” to proceed to unpairing. “Unpairing” automatically deletes the Dot Watch information on your App, and resets your Dot Watch.

* Note that “Unpairing” is not advised unless attempting to connect the device to a new smartphone or replacing your Dot Watch.

* If your device unpairs from your smartphone due to any reasons (proximity, obstacles, powering off/on, etc.), refer to the steps in “Bluetooth Connection Status Menu” section to resume connection trials.

Connecting the Dot Watch to a New Smartphone

To pair the Dot Watch with a new smartphone, the Bluetooth information stored in both the previous smartphone and the Dot Watch needs to be reset. If you have paired your Dot Watch with a smartphone before, follow the steps below to reset and pair with a new one.

1) From the Dot Watch App – Dot Watch – choose “Unpair” to disconnect the Dot Watch from your smartphone. Here, both the Dot Watch and the Dot Watch information stored in your smartphone will reset.

2) To manually reset your Dot Watch, turn the “Dot Crown” upwards (clockwise) twice to navigate to the “Bluetooth Connection Status Menu”. Here, press and hold the “Home Button” for more than three seconds to reset your Dot Watch.

3) Once the Dot Watch is reset, it is ready to pair with another smartphone.