Dot Watch Manual

Safety Precautions

[Lightning Hazards]

When thunder or lightning is severe, it is advised not use the device. Disconnect the charger from its power source.

A Lightning strike may cause serious injury or fire.


[Use in Restricted Areas]

Do not use the device in restricted areas where the use of electronic device is prohibited, such as in the airplanes, hospitals, etc.

Note that some electronic / communication devices may be affected by electromagnetic waves when using the device.

The device may pass safely through an airport X-ray scanner; however, it is advised not to wear the device while passing through a metal-detecting security terminal.


[Disassemble Precautions]

Do not disassemble or shock the device. There may be risks of electric shock, short circuiting, or fire.

Do not use damaged devices. There may be risks of fire, burn, injury or electric shock.

If the device is damaged or malfunctions, contact the nearest customer service center.

Disassembling the device at-will may damage the device. In the case that you may need to disassemble the device, please visit the nearest service center. Unauthorized disassembly will avoid your warranty and may cause irreparable damage to the device and/or cause bodily harm.


[Power Precautions]

Insert the charger USB cable correctly and make sure it is firmly connected.

Do not bend, pull, twist, heat, or cut the charging cable. Doing so may damage the cable and cause fire or electric shock.

Do not place any heavy materials on the charger.

When cleaning, it is advised to disconnect the cable, as there may be risks of fire or electric shock.

Avoid vibration or shock and disconnect the charger when not in use.

Do not use the charger if the USB connector is loose or damaged. If the connection is unstable, it may cause damage and/or ignite.


[High Temperature and Humidity Precautions]

Do not use the device in hot or humid places.

Do not place the device in direct sunlight or under a heater, quilt, carpet for extended periods of time, or in a hot or humid environment such as steam room or sauna.

Normal operating temperature: 0~40 oC


[Chemical Precautions]

Do not use alcohol, benzene, acetone, or any other chemical-based solutions to clean the device. The device may malfunction or may cause fire or irreparable damage to the device.

To clean, gently wipe the device with a soft cloth.

If you require assistance with cleaning the device, please contact our customer support.


[Metal Precautions]

Do not place charging terminals close to exposed metal, such as necklaces, keys, coins, nails, watches, etc.

If metal objects are shorted to the charging terminal, there may be risk of explosion and/or irreparable damage to the device.


[Children/Pets Precaution]

Store the device, charger, and parts away from children and pets.

The device may cause electric shock, or cause exposure to electromagnetic waves when damaged or in contact with saliva.

Be careful to keep children and pets away from the device. Swallowing or biting the device, charger, or parts may cause suffocation, and or bodily harm.

Keep the device, charger, or parts away from sharp metal objects, such as keys, hairpins, coins, or nails. Any unintended pressure to the battery may compromise the quality and/or cause irreparable damage to the charger.



[Hazardous Area Precaution]

Do not use the device in magnetic-sensitive atmosphere. It may affect high-frequency equipment.

Do not place the device in an unstable place, such as a vibrating surface or a sloping area. Failure to do so may damage the device and/or cause bodily harm.


[Fire Precaution]

Do not wrap the device or cover with insulation when in-use or when charging.

Make sure to recycle it correctly. Disposing electronic device in the trash may cause environmental damage.

If you need assistance with disposing the device, battery and/or the charger, please contact your local authorities.

[Skin Damage Precaution]

When using the device for a long time, the temperature of the surface of the device may rise. This is a normal instance and should not affect the standard operations of the device. Cease using the device immediately if it causes skin spots, pigmentation, or burns.

If the device causes any allergic reaction, stop using the device immediately and consult a doctor.

Cease using the device if the top cover is damaged to expose any of the inner mechanical parts of the device.


[Magnetism Precaution]

Do not be in close contact with objects with underlying magnetic chips, such as credit cards, phone cards, bankbooks, and tickets. Information may be damaged due to the device’s magnetic property.

Do not use the magnetic charging cradle with any other objects, as it contains stronger magnet that may interfere with pacemakers, credit cards, watches, and other magnetically-sensitive objects.


[Storage Precaution]

When not in use, disconnect the charging cable from the outlet and store it in a safe place.


[Battery Precaution]

In hot or humid places, the battery may not charge well or may be consumed more quickly than average.

If you want to use the device again after ceasing for a prolonged period, use it after the device is fully charged.

Removing the battery by force may cause it to ignite or explode.

Do not expose the battery or charger to direct sunlight or use it in a place with high humidity, such as a sauna or a heated automobile.

Do not open, disassemble, damage, bend, deform, puncture, or crush the device.

Do not attempt to alter or modify the battery, insert foreign objects, immerse or expose to water or other liquids.

Once the device is fully charged, disconnect the charger from the outlet to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

It is recommended to bring both the device and charger when visiting our service center due to any customer issues.

There may be risks of fire or explosion, if the batteries are not replaced correctly.

Dispose of used batteries according to Dot Incorporation’s authorized instructions.

Handling Precautions

The contents of this User's Guide are based on the default settings of the device.

The contents of this manual may differ from the actual device experience depending on the software version, firmware version, telecommunication service, model specifications, and the user's customized settings.

If water or dust gets into the device, it may damage or cause the device to malfunction. To maintain normal functionality, carefully follow the precautions below:

When the cells are compromised by liquids, turn off the power and let it dry completely before use. The device may be damaged if the user attempts to operate the device while the cells are not completely dry.

Be warned that the device may be damaged if dropped or under heavy pressure.

When using in a dusty environment, dust may accumulate inside the cells and interfere with proper operation and/or irreparably damage the device. Please exercise caution.

The Warranty service does not apply to problems caused by installing and/or operating the device alongside unauthorized third party software and hardware.

If the user modifies the device's registry settings or firmware to arbitrarily change the function or compatibility, the device may not work properly and the warranty will be void.

The applications and services provided in this device may be changed or discontinued by Dot Incorporation without notice when inevitable circumstances present themselves.

If the user changes any of the software provided by Dot or download software for the device that is obtained through other means than the official channels for distribution, the device may malfunction or damage irreparably. In this case, warranty service will be void.

The Dot Watch currently does not provide services related with personal safety and health due to possible radio wave interference with life-support mechanisms.

Due to development circumstances, basic components may change without a prior notice.

Device design and specifications may change without notice for performance improvements.

Please use approved accessories provided and authorized by Dot Incorporation. Use of non-genuine parts and components may result in device malfunction and/or irreparable damage. In this case, warranty service will be void.

Dot Watch Specifications


 Platform: Wireless MCU Platform

 Bluetooth: Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) 4.2

 CPU: 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F, M0 (Dual)


 Type: Refreshable Braille Display

 Resolution: 4 Braille Cells (24 Dots)


 Buttons/Switch: 2 Buttons, 1 Encoder Switch

 Motor: Shaft Horizontal Vibration Motor

 Sensors: Front Touch Sensors, Gyroscope (3 Axis)


 Battery: Non-removable Li-Polymer 400mAh Battery

 Charger: Cradle Dock


 Body: 43.0 D x 12.5 T (mm)

 Band: 22.0 x 220(Small) / 250(Medium) / 290(Large) (mm)

 Charger: 45.0 D x 7.0 T (mm)


 Body: 27g

 Band: 8g

 Charger: 20g


 Body: Aluminum Steel

 Band: Natural Leather

 Charger: Plastic


 Front: Off-White

 Body: Silver

 Band: Silver Mesh Band

 Charger: Gray