Dot Watch Manual

Learning Braille

From the Dot Watch App - Functions – Study Braille, you can type any message on your smartphone to display it in braille on the device. Try this method of learning the Braille with the Dot Watch.

Finding My Smartphone

While the device is paired with your smartphone, you can call up the smartphone by pressing both the “Select Button” and the “Home Button” twice at the same time in quick succession. The smartphone will vibrate with alarming sound. Use this function to easily locate your smartphone.


Battery Warnings

Once the remaining battery level is down to 20% and 10%, the device will vibrate 3 times and displays its battery status. Battery charging is recommended at this time.

Reading Notifications

With the Dot Watch, you can check the content of text messages, application notifications, social media notifications, and etc., as well as its sender, and the time of receipt.

1) Upon receiving a notification, the device briefly vibrates twice.

2) Press the “Select Button” to begin reading the notification - in the order of the application name, sender information, contents, and timestamp.

Methods of Reading the Notifications

There are two ways of reading the notifications. 

1) Touch-Assisted Scroll Mode

- Press the right “Touch Sensor” once to display the next 4 characters of the message. Press the left “Touch Sensor” to read the previous 4 characters. When at the end of the message, vibration will occur to notify that it is the end of the message. Here, press the “Select Button” to go back to the beginning of the message.

- Note that the “Touch Sensors” are programmed not to work while the pins are still in the movement; therefore, pressing the “Touch Sensors” repetitively while the pins are still moving may cause the sensors not to fully respond. In this case, give it about one second, and scroll again.

2) Auto Scroll Mode (Advanced Option)

- Auto Scroll is a way to read the notification without having to use the “Touch Sensor”. Press the “Select Button” while reading the notification to begin auto-scrolling. Press the “Select Button” once more to go back to the “Touch-Assisted Scroll Mode”.

 Adjusting the number of moving cells and output speed

You can use the Auto Scroll in a variety of ways depending on your reading skill.

From the Dot Watch App – Settings – Display Output – Auto-scroll Speed, you can customize the speed of the auto scrolling. Also, you can choose between whether to refresh 1 character or 4 characters of the message at a time, under “the Number of Cell(s) Auto-scrolled”.

 Going back to the beginning of the message

When at the end of the message, vibration will occur to notify that it is the end of the message. Here, press the “Select Button” to go back to the beginning of the message.

Saving Notifications on the Dot Watch App

While reading the notification, if you feel a need to save the message, press and hold the “Select Button” to save. You can check your saved messages through the Dot Watch App, under Functions – Saved Message.

Checking Saved Notification Messages

Up to 100 smartphone notification messages can be stored in the device. Notification messages are displayed in the following order: name of the app, sender information, notification content, and timestamp. If no notifications are found, “none” [dots 1,3,4,5/ dots 1,3,5/ dots 1,3,4/ dots 1,5] (⠝⠕⠝⠑) is displayed.

1) From the “Standby” status, turn the Dot Crown downward once to browse notification messages – “noti” [dots 1,3,4,5/ dots 1,3,5/ dots 2,3,4,5/ dots 2,4] (⠝⠕⠞⠊) will appear on the display.

2) Press the “Select Button” and turn the “Dot Crown” to check the notification numbers in the latest received order.

3) Press the “Select Button" to view the message.

4) While reading the notification, turn the “Dot Crown” up or downwards to access next or previous notification message.

Alarm Function

From the Dot Watch App - Functions - Alarm, you can set up to 2 alarms at a time.

The device will vibrate and the alarm number will be displayed as it goes off.

[Braille Mode] the alarm number is shown in braille.

[Tactile Mode] the first alarm is indicated as (⠯⠽⠀⠈) and the second alarm is indicated as (⠯⠽⠀⠠).

Resetting the Dot Watch

From the “Standby” status on your Dot Watch, turn the Dot Crown upwards twice to navigate to the Bluetooth Connection Status Menu. Press and hold the "Home Button" to reset all the Dot Watch settings.