Dot Watch Manual

Register and Login


After installing the Dot Watch App through the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), register your account to fully enjoy the complete Dot Watch experience. Please register with correct information for us to verify your order information, and to provide quality customer support.


You can use the Dot Watch App after logging in with your account. Please note that it is a one-time log-in, and you can also log-in with either your Facebook or Google account.

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, choose “Forgot password?” at the bottom of the screen. Enter your e-mail address and choose “Next” to continue. An instructional e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Please follow the steps to reset your password.

Dot Watch User Tutorial

[Dot Watch User Tutorial – Basic]

The Dot Watch Tutorial is available to assist the first time users to locate the braille cells, and to make it easy to understand how the "Select / Home Buttons", the "Dot Crown" and the "Touch Sensors" work.

Once the Dot Watch is paired with your smartphone, the tutorial begins, starting with “Checking the Braille Cells of the Dot Watch”.


1) Checking the Display

Check the position and the height of the braille cells. Press the “Raise the Pins” and “Drop the Pins” buttons on your Dot Watch App to raise and lower the braille cells on the Dot Watch Screen. When you have finished checking the braille cells, press “Next” to learn how to use the buttons.

2) Using the Buttons

Go through the guide carefully to learn the functions of the “Select Button”, and the “Home Button”. Each time you press the “Select Button”, you will notice the display changes from the current time (hour and minutes) to the seconds, and to the current date. Press “Next” to move to learn how to use the “Dot Crown”.

3) Using the Dot Crown

Each time you turn the “Dot Crown” up or downwards, you will notice the braille display changes with vibration to notify. Press “Next” to learn how to use the “Touch Sensors”.

4) Using the Touch Sensors

Try reading the numbers displayed on the screen, while navigating between the numbers using the “Touch Sensors”. Press the right “Touch Sensor” to see the next contents of the message, and the left “Touch Sensor” to see the previous contents. Press “Next” to start using the Dot Watch.


-      Pressing the left “Touch Sensor” at the beginning of the message, or pressing the right “Touch Sensor” at the end of the message will produce vibration to notify that it is either the beginning or the end of the message.

-      The “Touch Sensors” are programmed not to work while the pins are still in the movement; therefore, pressing the “Touch Sensors” repetitively while the pins are still moving may cause the sensors not to fully respond. In this case, give it about one second, and scroll with the “Touch Sensors” again.


[Dot Watch User Tutorial – Advanced]

The Auto-Scroll is the feature that allows the braille display to be automatically refreshed without having to use the “Touch Sensors”. This feature is recommended for advanced users who are familiar with using the Dot Watch. Customize the settings to create your own, distinctive Dot Watch Experience.

1)     Auto-Scroll Speed

Set the movement speed of auto-scrolled cells

2)     Number of Cell(s) Scrolled

Set the number of cell(s) automatically refreshed at a time

Select “1” to move and refresh the braille per 1 cell.

Select “4” to move and refresh the braille per 4 cells.

3)     Refresh Rate

Set the refresh rate of pin display output

This is a function that readjust the braille output that has not correctly displayed. If set to 0, the braille display receives one signal to raise or drop the pin. Likewise, setting it to 1 or 2 will receive additional one or two more signals to raise or drop the pin.
* Increasing the “Number of Pin Repetitions” may consume more battery.

Lastly, press the “Confirm” button located on the bottom right to save and apply the changes.

You can come back to this Tutorial again at any time from the “Support” on the Dot Watch App

Dot Watch App Functions

1. Hi! User

Here, you can view or change your user account information.
You can change your username and password, or log-out.


2. Dot Watch

You can check your Dot Watch’s product serial number and its current battery status, or “Unpair” with your smartphone.

Note that “Unpairing” resets both the Dot Watch and its information stored on your smartphone.


3. Functions

You can use the “Alarm”, “Saved Message”, and “Study Braille” functions.

[Alarm] You can set up to 2 alarms at a time.

[Saved Messages] You can save and easily access the message here by pressing and holding the “Select Button” while reading the message on your Dot Watch.

[Study Braille] You can type any texts on your smartphone to display in Braille on your Dot Watch.


4. Settings

You can either check your Dot Watch information or change the settings here.

[About Dot] You can check your specific device details: i.e. “Dot Device Type”, “Firmware Version”, “Protocol Version”, and “Serial No.”.

[Watch Modes] You can choose and switch between the “Braille Mode” and the “Tactile Mode”. The “Tactile Mode” is our unique braille representation for people who are not familiar with the standard formats of braille.

[Notification] you can specifically set which notifications to be received and displayed on your Dot Watch. Make sure that your desired applications are checked to receive the notifications on your Dot Watch.

(iOS) You can choose to either turn on or off all notifications from messages, phone calls, and other applications.

(Android) You can choose to turn on or off each and every applications available (phone calls, messages, and mobile applications).

[Firmware Update] You can check the current firmware version, and update to its latest version. Once a new firmware version is available, a notification window will pop up to notify when opening the Dot Watch App. The firmware update is not possible if the device is not paired with your smartphone via the Dot Watch App. Please check and maintain your mobile network connection when updating. After an update, reconnect the device with your smartphone.

[Languages] You can choose the language of the braille and its grades. The device supports up to two different languages at a time, and each language’s grade (if supported) can also be selected.

[Display Output] You can change the “Auto-scroll Speed”, “Vibration Intensity”, “Standby Time”, “Number of Pin Repetitions”, “Refresh Rate” and “Number of Cell(s) Auto-scrolled”.

-      Auto-Scroll Speed to set the movement speed of auto-scrolled cells

-      Vibration Intensity to set the intensity of vibrations that occur

-      Standby Time to set the user-specified time before entering the “Sleep Mode”. You can set from a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of unlimited Standby Time.

-      Refresh Rate and Number of Cell(s) Scrolled to customize reading to user’s preference.


5. Help

Here, you can “Contact Us” to find out more about the Dot Watch, read the “User Guide”, or run the “Tutorial”.

In addition, you can read more about our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Open Source Licenses.