Dot Watch Manual

Before Using Your Dot Watch

Be sure to read this manual thoroughly before using your Dot Watch!

As the Dot cells are entirely of a different nature, it does require a certain level of a learning curve to grow comfortable with using the Dot Watch.

- The user input (e.g. pressing the buttons) and the actual user reading should be offset by about one second.

- Please note that, there can't be any pressure and/or blocked cells by fingers and/or foreign objects by the time the pins are trying to display, following input command.

- The user is responsible for understanding the above information, as incorrect displaying due to user error does not equate to a defective device.

- If your device unpaired from your smartphone due to any reasons (proximity, obstacles, powering off/on, etc.), refer to the steps in “Bluetooth Connection Status Menu” section to resume connection trials.

- To pair the Dot Watch with a new smartphone, the Bluetooth information stored in both the previous smartphone and the Dot Watch needs to be reset. Refer to the steps in “Connecting the Dot Watch to a New Smartphone” section to pair with the new smartphone.

This User's Guide is based on the default settings of the device. The contents of this manual may differ from the actual experience depending on the software version of the device, telecommunication service, model specifications, and the user's settings. The device is not supported on Tablet PCs such as iPad or Galaxy Tab.


1. Before Using Your Dot Watch

Dot Watch is a smart watch that connects to the user's smartphone via Dot Watch App and outputs all information in braille. Although Dot Watch can be operated as a standalone analog watch, the Dot Watch App and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection is recommended. iOS 9 or its later versions and Android 4.4.4 or a later version is required to run the Dot Watch App.

With the Dot Watch you can:

1)    Check the time and date

2)    Use the stopwatch

3)    Use the timer

4)    Check the notification messages on your smartphone

5)    Save and store important notification messages in your Dot Watch App

6)    Locate your smartphone

7)    Set the alarm using the Dot Watch App

8)    Use all the features that the Dot Watch App provides, and even learn the Braille

9)    Count the number of pins to tell the time by using the “Tactile Mode”



[Basic Components]

- Dot Watch

- Magnetic Charging Cradle (charger)

- Braille Quick User Guide

- Warranty Card

* If you have any missing basic components, please contact the store where your purchase was made.

* Visit the official Dot Website ( for purchasing optional devices that are not supplied as basic components.

Name and Function of Each Parts

The body of Dot Watch is round in shape. The front of the body is called “Dot Watch Screen”. There are total 4 dot cells on the screen; a vertical line at center divides the 2 cells on the left, and the other 2 on the right. Each cell represents one character; therefore, up to 4 characters can be displayed at a time. Below the cells are left and right “Touch Sensors”. The “Dot Crown” is located on the right of the center of the body. The "Select Button" is located above Dot Crown, and the "Home Button" is located below Dot Crown.

                Figure 1. above highlights both of the buttons, Dot Crown and the Touch Sensor locations.

- Select Button: Press once to enter or operate each function. 

- Home Button: Press once to go to “Standby” status. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn the power on or off.

- Dot Crown: Turn upwards or downwards to navigate between functions. 

- Touch Sensor: Press the Touch Sensor under the cells to scroll back and forth (left and right) through the braille while reading notifications.

Wearing the Dot Watch

Put the band around your wrist, and adjust it by pulling it to a comfortable level. If the band slips out from the metal loop, put the magnetic end of the band through the loop and adjust to fit. Be warned that pulling the band excessively may separate the band from the watch and/or cause damage to the band itself.

Figure 2 above illustrates how to wear the Dot Watch

Starting the Dot Watch

[Turning On]

Press and hold the “Home Button" for 3 seconds to turn on the device. The device will vibrate, and all the braille cells will come up for 3 seconds, and then go down.


[Turning Off]

Press and hold the “Home Button” for 3 seconds while powered on. The device will turn off after a vibration.


[Sleep Mode]

If there is no operation or input for a user-specified “Standby Time”, all cells are automatically kept inside the display as the device enters “Sleep Mode”, which optimizes battery life.

While in “Sleep Mode”, Dot Crown operation is deactivated. To re-activate, press either buttons. The watch automatically re-activates when a button is pressed, receives alarms, notifications, or warnings.

The default “Standby Time” is set to 30 seconds.

Charging the Battery

[Charging the Battery]

The battery should be fully charged before using the device for the first time. Charge the battery using the magnetic charging cradle (charger) supplied with the device for optimal charging. Personal computer or USB adapter can also be used to charge the battery.

1) Check the position of the metallic charging terminal on the back of the device and on the charger. This is outlined by a small indention on the back panel of the Dot Watch.

2) Face the charging terminal of the charger exactly to the charging terminal of the device, this protrudes from the flat cradle face slightly.

- The charger has a built-in magnet that assists with the positioning of the device when attempting to charge.

3) Connect the charger to an applicable USB terminal. Unless fully discharged, the device will vibrate when start charging.

4) When you connect the device with the charger, the device will vibrate and display “chrg” [dots 1,4/ dots 1,2,5/ dots 1,2,3,5/ dots 1,2,4,5] (⠉⠓⠗⠛) on the screen. Once the battery is fully charged, the device will vibrate twice and display to show the battery is full (⠿⠿⠿⠿).

5) In the case of the magnetic mesh band, the charger and the band may stick to each other, and may prevent proper charging. Check for alerts (vibration and cell movements) when start charging.


Figure 3. above illustrates the charging terminals

Figure 4. above illustrates connecting the charging terminal of the Dot Watch to the charging cradle

[Checking the Battery Status]

(While charging) Removing the device from the charger will display its remaining battery status.

(While on “Standby”) Turn the Dot Crown upwards once to display the remaining battery status.


Reverse Screen Mode

[Reverse Screen Mode]

Dot Watch offers the Reverse Screen Mode for your convenience.

Press the buttons in the following order to switch between the “Standard” and the “Reverse Screen Mode”:

Press the “Home Button” twice – “Select Button” twice – “Home Button” twice – “Select Button” twice –then press and hold the “Select Button”.

* Note that the left and right side of the “Touch Sensor” is reversed, however, the function or the direction of the “Select / Home Buttons” and the “Dot Crown” will remain the same.