Dot Watch Manual

App 2 Installation

[How to Get the Dot Watch App 2] You can install our Dot Watch App 2 on your smartphone by searching "Dot Watch" on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. The Dot Watch application is provided by Dot Incorporation. 

- iOS: supported for version 9.0.0 and up in the Apple App Store

- Android: supported for version 4.4.4 and up in Google Play Store

Bluetooth Pairing

Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone settings. Then, press and hold the "Home Button" of the Dot Watch to turn the device on. 

Run the Dot Watch App, log in, and choose "Start Pairing". From the list of Bluetooth devices, search the device, "Dot Watch XXXX." The last 4 digits of the product serial number will appear on the list, and selecting it will pair your Dot Watch to your smartphone. 

iOS mobile devices require users to pair the Dot Watch to the device by selecting the "Pair" option from the pair notification window for proper connection.

Once the Dot Watch is connected to your smartphone, the device will display the output as described below:

- Braille Mode: "conn" [dots 1,4 / dots 1,3,5 / dots 1,3,4,5 / dots 1,3,4,5] (⠉⠕⠝⠝)

- Tactile Mode: [dots 1,2,3,5/ dots 2,5 / dots 2,5 / dots 2,4,5,6] (⠗⠒⠒⠺)

If you have trouble connecting your device, please email us or contact our customer service Facebook page.